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ABOUT US / CONTACT: Wynand & Claudia du Plessis

Wynand & Claudia du Plessis are passionate photographers and used to focus exclusively on wildlife and landscapes from Namibia in Africa. We lived for over ten years in the Etosha National Park in Namibia where we worked as environmental researchers, and gained a deep understanding in, and love for, wild nature. We are now living in Germany and are expanding our photography, and especially our photo art, and this may include man-made structures and scenes, as well as people.


The purpose with this website is to showcase and sell our favorite wildlife & landscape photos. Our photos are available to own as exclusive large format Fine Art Prints, printed according to the best possible international standards. With our Fine Art Prints we hope to inspire you to appreciate the beauty and wonder all around you, and beautify your special place with one of our unique and exclusive prints.

​We have self-published our photos for over 20 years in calendars, posters, information guides and maps, and in many more photo products, and are still continuing with that. Our hard cover book on the Etosha National Park provides an insider's view into the seasonal rhythms of this African wilderness. Our photo products are available in shops in Namibia and through our other website Nashorn Nirwana and Namibia Lovers.


Our artistic vision & philosophy in regards to our photography is to show the beauty and wonder of things all around us, especially of nature. We are greatly inspired by the diversity in nature, which inspire us to be more creative. We hope that our nature images inspire people to go and experienced "wild nature's wonders" for themselves.  Usually people only love and care about what they know deeply.

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